Women Honoring Women 2012

September brings the Women Honoring Women celebration — an inspiring evening with women of courage and wisdom and generosity.

This is an evening I look forward to each year. It is the signature event allowing the WEDC Foundation to achieve their mission: To work within our community to help women achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence by providing mentors, developmental opportunities, grants, and scholarships. I love being in a room full of women desiring the best for each other – encouraging one another and celebrating victories over individual challenges. This year the theme was “Continuing the Promise”.  The room was decorated with rainbow colors and participants were invited to wear bright attire!

This was my second year to photograph the Scholars and the Honorees. And because I have spent a little time with each of the Honorees in my backyard garden capturing their image and hearing a bit of their stories, the anticipation to see them receive an award and hear more of their testimonies is overwhelming.

The Co-Chairs for this year’s WHW, Beth Brooks and Marianne Windham, led us through the evening program. After a lovely dinner, Lee Marshall presented each of the Honorees.

After the Honoree presentations, the Scholars, accompanied by their Mentors, were invited to the stage. LaJoy Johns shared her appreciation as a Scholar and the impact the Foundation has had in her life.

The evening concluded with a special song. Accompanied by Darin Windham, Karen Young beautifully sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

What a wonderful evening!
For more information on the WEDC, visit http://wedcfoundation.org/

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