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Happily Ever After Project: Featuring Nate & Joni Alexander

Joy and laughter enter the room when they do.

triptych [from Tony] Joni is a wonderful sister. She has always been a nurturer with a heart of gold. Growing up, when other  girls had pages of Teen Beat magazine heartthrobs on the wall, Joni had pictures of babies. And what a good momma she turned out to be. After difficulty conceiving, they had the opportunity to adopt a baby boy. He was actually born on Joni’s birthday which was just a sign that Daniel was a gift for them. Then later God gifted them again when they found out Joni was pregnant. Sara was born premature, but perfect. They have raised two beautiful children.

[from Suzi] And like Tony, Joni is an omega. She will persevere. She is loyal and dependable. After moving with Chrysler several times, we are thrilled she has reached retirement and has returned home!  And they get to be together, not miles away from each other as Nate traveled back and forth from Indiana or Missouri to Alabama. Nate has been amazing keeping up the properties and  is always helpful with advise or praying for a need. They are both prayer warriors!


Their Love Notes:

How we met, what attracted me…
[Joni]  I was attracted to his smile.
[Nate] I was attracted to her big blue eyes.  Everyday for about 2 months Joni & I passed each other changing shifts at work.  I remember that I would often see her at the traffic light at the Lily Flagg intersection. When I switched to first shift, Joni would pass my department at work and smile.  I loved to watch her walk and the way she swished by. And I noticed her looking back to see if I was looking at me. We finally spent time together when I asked her to play tennis.

Describe a memorable story of the two of you…
On our 10th anniversary we went on a cruise. Upon arrival we found out that it was hurricane season. We got to spend the day on the windy island but then they rushed us to get back to the cruise ship. It was a rough ride on the waves to the ship. We barely made it back.

Key ingredient to your success as a couple…
The key ingredient to our success as a couple is having a relationship with Christ. We come together and make our decisions according to the glory that it brings to Christ and we use the Bible as a basis. Keep God first, then spouse, then children.
[Nate] When we first married a friend shared a marriage course by Tony Evans and it was helpful learning how to be a good husband and encouraged us to seek God first.

Challenge to overcome…
Most helpful thing we tell others is to leave your past behind. The past is in the past. We left our past behind and took our vows seriously — a covenant to God and accountability to God and to each other.

Favorite quote or verse…
[Nate]  Ephesians 3:20 It reminds us that our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can think, ask, or imagine. He is always able to do more.
[Joni]  Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Best gift ever…
[Joni] With our love language, gifts are not the most important. But we like to do things for each other. During snow, Nate would warm up the car and take me to work each day. It was so kind. It made me cry.
[Nate]  I already have the best gift I could ever want. There is nothing better I could ever receive. Although it was a nice gift for Joni to finally try coffee – it’s part of our time together.

Something he does very well…
[Joni]  Nate can do everything he sets his mind to – from fixing the house to repairing the car. Betsy  [their blue Chrysler van] has exceeded 335,000 miles thanks to Nate.
[Nate]  Joni is so supportive. She believes in me and always says “we can fix that” (meaning me).  She’s a great encourager and nurturer and has always been a great mom to our children. She has the compassion to balance my ‘move on’ survival attitude that I grew up with.

Favorite food…
We love Mexican and a favorite restaurant was Mi Familia in Indianapolis.
[Joni] A great food memory is Nate making omelets for the kids & their friends.

Favorite color…
[Nate] Joni’s blue eyes.
[Joni]  My favorite color was Nate’s blue mustang.

Something you still dream about doing…
[Nate]  Going to the Grand Canyon.
[Joni]  Now that I reached my dream of retiring, I am dreaming about building our retirement home.

Love it out means…
[Nate]  Nothing is more important than my marriage. I hope our kids witnessed how we honored each other and will also choose a mate that honors them. Honoring your spouse honors God.
[Joni]  Every marriage is a work in progress.

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We love you Joni & Nate and are thankful always to have you in our lives!

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YOUR life is beautiful when you love it out!

Karen Hancock - May 31, 2014 - 4:28 pm

I love you both! I have grown up always loving and respecting joni and hoping to be spiritually half the woman she is. I really look up to joni alot. She means alot to me and nate does too.

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