I Can Laugh Whether I’m Glad, Sad, or Mad

Having a great sense of humor is one of Aunt Sue’s many wonderful characteristics. Sue is Tony’s aunt (his Dad’s mom’s sister) and at age 96 she stays busy with church and family activities, tending to her garden, ceramics class, and quilting. She is an inspiration. We all hope to age as beautifully as Aunt Sue!

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A few months ago we asked Sue’s daughter, Glenda, to let us know when the garden gets growing so we can take some pictures. This week we had an opportunity to visit Sue, and her brother Floyd too. We walked through the garden and talked about the younger years. Tony remembers as a kid visiting Aunt Sue and her husband, Robert, at their grocery store in the Five Points area.  They moved to Huntsville in 1947. Well she was actually from this area, a graduate of Riverton High School — Class of 1935, but Robert was in the Air Force so they had traveled. Sue shared one story of riding to Fresno, California on the troup train while pregnant with Glenda. She road for 3 nights, 4 days and “took a cold but that’s about all.”  They married when she was 22 and enjoyed 57 years together.

Sue’s ability to stay strong in hard times was demonstrated at a younger age as she told us about caring for her mom when doctors performed treatments (that I won’t detail here) for fluid around the heart. Her mom passed away in March of 1942, just a month short of turning 52. She described her parents as hard workers. Her dad was a sharecropper and passed away at age 65.

When we asked Sue her secrets to a longer life she said, “Eat right, exercise, live right, love the Lord, and try to have a positive attitude.” She continued, “There is much to do in a day and I thank the Lord for leaving me here until I get through.”

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Floyd is Sue’s brother, the youngest of four and the only boy. He has a military background, both Navy and Army, and proudly shared that he served our country through two wars. His wife is Dot. After losing both their spouses to cancer, they found each other. They met at the Senior Center dancing. Dot shared that she liked the Jitterbug and the Cha-cha the best. They also liked bowling and going fishing. Laughing she shared that while fishing, Floyd fell in. He laughed and exclaimed, “Last time I went!”

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Uncle Floyd and Aunt Sue actually live close with a path from her backyard to his where they said they pass food over the shrubs.

Here are few more questions Tony asked…

What is the greatest invention?
They agreed it is the computer. They mentioned the phone too and remember when they used to have to go into town to make a call.

What have been your favorite age?
Sue shared that she enjoyed all of them and chuckled as she continued, “I didn’t fall apart until 90.”

What is your favorite music?
They like country music. Or “real country” as Sue added. Like Jimmie Rodgers and Loretta Lynn. Sue told us that Dolly Parton’s sister used to live down the street.

Do you have a favorite verse?
Sue finds strength in these two: Romans 8:28 and John 3:16

What does our motto ‘love it out’ mean to you?
Sue responded, “It means staying with the same one for 100 years.”  (Which Tony of course believes we will accomplish :))

What a blessing you are Aunt Sue. Thanks for sharing your stories and laughter.


YOUR life is beautiful when you love it out! 

Post comments below so we can pass them on to Aunt Sue. The computer is the greatest invention, but she doesn’t have time for that.


Gretchen - May 26, 2014 - 2:29 pm

Sue is one of my favorite people! I have never seen her without a smile on her face. I hope I can be like her when I grow up!

Nina Greene - May 26, 2014 - 3:31 pm

You are a very special lady. You told your secret for staying young. Now tell me your secret for getting younger. You somehow manage to get younger each birthday. It has been a pleasure having you and you wonderful daughter in my life. Love you very much!!!!

Holly campbell - May 26, 2014 - 9:10 pm

Tony, what an incredible tribute you have made to Sue both visually and In lovely words. This is just spectacular and something the family will treasure forever. I feel blessed to have her for a mother in law. She is an inspiration and I admire her in every way.
You have such talent and what a special gift you have given the family,

Thanks, holly.

ps: she is actually 96!!

Suzi - May 26, 2014 - 9:37 pm

Thanks Nina and Gretchen for your kind words – we will be sure to pass them on to Sue!

joni alexander - May 27, 2014 - 9:25 am

This just made my day. Aunt Sue is such a beautiful example of life at it’s fullest. I laugh and joke that I want to be like Aunt Sue when I grow up but in reality I do. What an inspiration! Thank you Aunt Sue, your love for the Lord and family is so encouraging to all of us. We love you! Thank you to Glenda also (and the gang)for encouraging us to be a part of the cousin breakfast each month. It’s true, the older I get the more I cherish my family. Aunt Sue, I’m praying that God will continue to bless you with joy, peace, sound mind, strength and compassion as you continue your journey here on earth. Suzi and Tony, great job once again.

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