It’s all in the name!

About ten years ago I discovered something about my name. When you spell Tony backwards you receive an interesting message: Y-NOT

I love it! The students I taught through the years loved my backwards name too. It’s just fun! This made me think a little bit about my own philosophy of life: “We live, we learn, we grow and we go!” I want to spend the rest of my life growing and going! Life is short so live happy, love happy, and learn. Stay away from doubts and fears and that “NOT-me” thinking.

Learn from your mistakes, and learn from your success. Learn that no one is perfect (except Jesus).

Here are some of my backward’s name dreams I made happen!




(Photo credit: Captured at Lumberyard Studio by Karen Wilburn Photography – Thanks Karen for taking these two of us together!)



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Remember your life is beautiful when you love it out!

Tina W. Greer - October 20, 2014 - 9:22 am

Just listen to you shine, shine, shine!!! It was so wonderful being with you and Suzy Saturday. Through photography, you captured my Katarina in a way I’ve never seen before. ‘And the camera lense was just a tool. Your spirit of love, acceptance, caring and sharing is what sets the two of you apart. Who knows what others things you will accomplish with your y-NOT philosophy grounded in faith and credited to the Lord that you serve…and, you still make the best fudge in the world!! Love you both dearly!

Suzi - October 20, 2014 - 9:40 am

Tina, it was delightful being at your home sweet home and capturing Katarina! Thanks so much for your kind words – we love you too!!

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