New year, new beginning

We were blessed to share a little time on the first day of 2012 with Debra and her delightful family.  On a day marked with new beginnings, we  were inspired by their story of starting over.  The Nilsens are in the process of rebuilding their home after losing it last year to fire. Our community was enduring a season of recovery from tornado loss and on one July evening, their home was struck by lightning. Fred, Allie, and Corey were home and able to escape safely, but watched as their home and all the treasures it held were lost.

How difficult it must have been to move forward after such a loss.  Tears were shed for items that just aren’t replaceable – the kid’s artwork, family heirlooms & antiques, collectibles, and yes, photos. We asked Debra to name a few words that she feels and among them were thankful and anticipation. She shared that they are thankful to have been in a place where they could recover. They were embraced by loving neighbors, family and friends. Their feelings transitioned from being overwhelmed with helplessness to those of hopefulness. A verse she holds close is Jeremiah 29.11. And in this new year, with the construction beginning in just a few weeks, this family is anticipating what plans are ahead.

Right before we arrived for the shoot, the Nilsens received a gift from their next door neighbor. It was an actual brick from the house that once stood there. On it, along with the black stains, was an inscription with the date of the fire and the quote  “Life goes on.” What a powerful little piece.


Thanks for being the “beautiful you’s” that you are — loved by many! YOUR life is beautiful!

Oh, and happy, happy new year!! xxoo, suzi & tony

Wendy Cugle - January 2, 2012 - 11:41 pm

Such an amazing family and I am so blessed to know the amazing woman behind it all. Happy New Years and I know all of your dreams will become a reality! You are such an inspiration.

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