What Good Listeners Look Like

Katrina and Garry are comfortable together, that was obvious as this lovely couple posed for our cameras. But they had to be the quietest couple we have photographed in awhile. Their confidence and a sunny connection to each other spoke for them. We guessed that they are great listeners 🙂




May your love continue to grow and compliment each other Katrina & Garry! Thanks for sharing some smiles!

YOUR life is beautiful when you love it out!

Grab a Tissue | Stapled Tissue Touching Lives

We are soooo moved by the  responses to our new book The Stapled Tissue! Thanks to so many heroes in our lives that show up to celebrate with us. The carnival was a fun venue for sharing our books 🙂


Children’s art and words from the heart are priceless. How touched we were when Maija showed us a letter Zane brought home from her first grade class. Zane’s teacher, Mrs. Foote, had the class reflect on the story and create their own letter and/or picture after reading The Stapled Tissue to them.

zaneAnother energetic teacher at Heritage, Miss Campbell, shared that her 4th grade class had created an awesome wall of Stapled Tissue letters! We had to go see! Love!


At Heritage PTA , one 4th grade student cheerfully shared with Tony, “I love your book, it should be everywhere!” Her name was Hope, so Tony playfully responded, “Well I HOPE you are right, I HOPE it does great…” as he smiled at her.

Our hope is that many readers will be inspired and share sweet, lovable, tear-jerking, heart-stopping, oh-my-stars-a-tear-is-coming, I-need-a-tissue letters with someone special!

If you have a ‘Stapled Tissue moment’, we would love for you to share it with us!

 YOUR life is beautiful, love it out!




Print Your Own Goosebumps | Download Activity – Olivia’s Hug

When we hugged Olivia, our goosebumps hugged each other! How fun is is to be around her! Is there someone special you like to be around? Write them a note and let them know.

You can download our Goosebumps Activity note page, complete with goosebumps to personalize (add bows, hats, hearts – whatever you like).




YOUR life is beautiful – love it out!!