How to Get on a Hammock | Studio Favorite Moments

We have some stories that we seem to share over and over again – favorite moments. This is one of them…

An item we placed in our backyard studio that has brought much joy is our hammock! It’s great! From fun senior students to cuddly couples to whole families (I think 7 is the largest family photographed on it so far), it has made for some delightful shots. And much laughter!

And now we have a “get on one-at-a-time rule” after witnessing Marlene & Paul try it their way during their engagement session. Turns out that a hammock can take quite a swing when two try to get on at once! It caught us all by surprise and, after catching my breath, of course I started pushing the shutter. Their laughter was delightful and a testimony to the new joy and adventure their relationship brought them!

We took a few minutes to set the hammock back up and they got back on it one-at-a-time so we could capture a few more images. I just love this one.


Love to you both Marlene & Paul and warmest wishes for your marriage loving out each day one-at-a-time. And thanks for the great story we share with others!


YOUR life is beautiful… Love it Out!

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