Delightful Sarah Grace

Among the awesome 2012 graduates we photographed, there is one that comes to mind today, and that is Sarah Grace. We barely got her session in before she actually received her diploma, but I am so glad we did. After first meeting her mom and hearing about this amazing daughter, I knew how lucky I would be to meet her and to capture her senior portraits. Here are a few of my favorites…

Sarah Grace brought some of her favorite senior items, including a Harry Potter wand made by a friend, those ‘slightly-worn’ Toms and her own camera. I actually liked her cap and gown pose with those Harry Potter glasses best 🙂

I love the connection she shares with her mom. And we were moved by their story of not only surviving a serious car accident just days before the session, but enduring the last few years of high school following the loss of her father. Sarah Grace shared her sentimental side as we photographed her stuffed monkey, a cuddly companion through the years, and a treasure box housing a priceless silver locket and her dad’s watch.

Sarah Grace  – you are beautiful! Congratulations on your graduation achievement and for overcoming the obstacles along the way. We wish for you a journey of joy as you head to college!

YOUR life is beautiful… Love it Out!

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