Sheila’s Sweet Summer Family Session

What’s a Cotton Candy Day?  Well, its definitely not your traditional family session — its short & sweet and comes with cotton candy 🙂

I think it took a little convincing to get the family to come photo session, but it was well worth her effort. The kids were delightful – we loved Griffin and Addison’s personalities! And Larry & Sheila always seem to have a magical, fun connection! We all had a blast and captured some realness!

I love when we get to put words with those moments. Sheila selected the words to accompany our favorite daisy images – a special collage for Larry.

I also love getting to put favorites to music: Fly Away Together

Our precious Princess loved to join the sessions and get in the shot.  We always teased, “She thinks you came to see her, of course”.  Only a few days after this, she went on to kitty heaven and is missed dearly. Thanks sweet Addison for sharing your pose with Princess. These images will be special to me always 🙂


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