Updating Your Photo Art When that Toddler is Now a High School Senior | Matthew – Class of 2014

Time for a photo art update! Especially when your oldest son is heading towards his graduation from high school but the dining room displays the precious pictures of the toddler ages. Or the family image on display in the living room was before the second child. Nothing wrong here but Beth did decide it was time for a family photo catch up.

We have three favorite times in our process: the time we spent together actually photographing, the tears of joy flowing from the mommas at the viewing, and displaying of the finished art. Family art is the best! The sweet cats even love the new look, they were the first to jump up on the table to check it out. Actually right on one of the new prints. No harm done though.


Beautiful family, they look awesome!


Something we did in Beth’s home is to split a canvas cluster on two narrow walls in adjoining rooms. Now Beth & Ken can enjoy family art each day  – especially when Matthew heads off to Tuscaloosa this fall.


Seven canvases and only 9 holes. If doing the math, just a few more hidden holes and adjustments of the nails. I believe ( yeahhhhhh) Beth was happy not to have to hang them. The yeah was for the word believe. (yeahhhhhh!!!) This word is our 2014 world. If Suzi, Justin, Courtney, Jacob, Lauren, or Tony see or hear the word believe (yeahhhhhh) we have to get excited!!!!!!! And say yeahhhhhh! Because we believe (yeahhhhhh) that 2014 will bring great opportunities and more beautiful you’s like the McCullough family – or YOU –  for creating your own beautiful wall art photographs and honoring your story.

Here are a few of my favorite images of Matthew from his session on Monte Sano Mountain.

1 matthew-high-school-senior2 mccullough_034T_LR3 mccullough_072T_LR

Proud momma &  a handsome son!

6 mccullough_125T_LR

7 matthew-high-school-senior-mtn

YOUR life is beautiful when you love it out!

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