Lots of Hugging Seen Today!

Hugs, goose bumps, and a camera. A group of warm-hearted people gathered down at Vintage Market & Paint Studio this morning and talked about love and Valentines.  And there was a camera – but not ours. We were in front of a camera recording a segment for Channel 31.

tony interviwWonderful Lillian Lalo from Channel 31 did an interview about Olivia, the star of our second book Olivia’s Hug. Olivia is a real, incredible teenager that Suzi and I had the honor to meet  last year on Valentine’s Day.  Olivia came right up and surrounded us with such an awesome hug that I actually wrote a story about the experience that same day. Here’s a few pages from our book Olivia’s Hug:




Olivia and her mom were wonderful during their interviews! It was fun! Olivia was awesome, she even sang a song, “The sun will come out tomorrow.” Lillian and Tina joined in too for some nice harmony. Olivia, of course. hugged everyone in the room. I mean everyone. And not just once.

olivias interview

Our art illustrator, Mishele Beaman, was  there too.  She drew our goose bumps, and they are so cute! The accompanying  colorful heart paper design on our pages is by Leora Sanford.

My Suzi has spent countless hours getting our first two children’s books together and her photo art in the books is awesome. I could never be a published author without her brilliant talent!!  We are so excited to share that we are planning our first book signing to be held at Vintage Market & Paint Studio on Saturday, March 15th! Mark your calendars! More details will come soon!!!

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YOUR life is beautiful – HUG it out!

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