Happy Anniversary Baby | I love you always

The absolute best decision I ever made was to marry this man. My Tony.  Twenty-seven years ago we joined as husband and wife and what an adventure we have shared!

Laughter. Tears on the back porch. Two wonderful, beautiful sons. Delightful, caring friends. Good times. And when we went landed right in the really tough times, Tony came up with the option to either get out or love it out. And so here we are, intentionally loving it out and thankful. When Tony arrives I like to say,  Joy just walked in the room! If you know Tony, you know that it’s true. He has a presence about him that brings smiles and a love for people that is genuine and caring. He makes the world a better place. I’m so proud to know him and just as excited as a lottery ticket winner to share a home and future with my Tony.

Just had to claim a little web space today to celebrate us and to thank you Tony for being my lifetime friend and my love.  Happy anniversary, xxoo

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thanks Adrienne!

Baby Love | A love note to baby Will

A few words shared from the heart of a new mother – so precious!

Tony & I had the opportunity to spend time with Robin & Marcus and their new blessing Will!

When I asked Robin if she might want to write a love note to little Will that I could combine with a favorite image she didn’t even hesitate. And in no time she shared the words above written to her gift from above – her little man. What a delight to share in some baby love!

Baby Noah

Every good and perfect gift is from above.

How very thankful I am to experience the wonder of a new baby. Little Noah is just over 2 weeks old and adorable. Good job momma Terri! Thanks for letting me visit and capture some little baby toes and wrinkles 🙂

I love Amy’s home. Amy is Terri’s mom and little Noah’s Moono (cute grandma name).  You can’t help but be happy there with all the colorful art – love the blue room!

Little Noah did great. He wasn’t into the tummy poses but pretty laid back for everything else in between snacks. Blessings to this sweet family!


The Princess. Laying on my clean clothes. Typical behavior for her – she rules the household. If you have been to our home, you probably met her. She thinks you came to see her, maybe even have your photo taken with her. If you sat in “the chair”, she no doubt jumped up in your lap and held you hostage to let you adore her for awhile. On this day, she has taken my clean clothes hostage.

Sometimes we do these things – leave little stuff to finish later and return only to ask ourselves, “Why did I wait?”  I took this image to remind me not to procrastinate.

Did it work? Nah.
Did I re-wash those furry towels? Nah.
Isn’t Princess cute? Yes.

My first blog post. A simple one to get started – to overcome procrastination 🙂